Save Money on Gas Prices with the AAA Mobile App

The Near Me feature in the AAA Mobile app gets you to the nearest station, helps you find the best prices nearby and more.


Depending on where you live, you’ve seen volatile gas prices, as economic and geopolitical instability took hold. No matter which direction prices go, AAA Members can use a new resource—the Near Me feature in the AAA Mobile app—as a quick and convenient way to save a few cents at the pump.

Located on the opening page of the app, Near Me easily guides you to the stations closest to your physical location, displaying information that will help you decide if they’re worth the drive. Select a fill-up destination, and you’ll see its address and phone number, miles from your current location, and today’s per-gallon price for regular, mid-grade and premium gasoline as well as diesel fuel.

Getting there couldn’t be easier: Just press the arrow symbol next to the listing, and you’ll automatically be redirected to your smartphone’s default GPS navigation feature (Apple Maps or Google Maps); the desired station is plotted on a map with turn-by-turn directions so you can quickly be on your way. To help narrow your search, the information can be filtered by price and distance.

According to AAA, personal driving habits are the biggest factor affecting fuel consumption. And while you can’t do much about prices, you can save a few bucks by making some changes to the way you drive. Here are a few of the easiest gas-saving strategies:

  • Get a tune-up. Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained to optimize fuel economy. Visit to find a certified repair shop.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Low air pressure not only robs you of precious fuel economy but also affects your ability to maneuver and brake. It can cause tires to wear faster and run hotter, too, making them prone to overheating and blowouts.
  • Ease back on the accelerator and keep an eye on the speed limit. When you travel above 50 mph, aerodynamic drag hits fuel economy hard.
  • Avoid abrupt starts and aggressive acceleration, which consume an inordinate amount of fuel.
  • Accelerate smoothly with light to moderate throttle so the automatic transmission will shift into higher gears sooner, lowering engine rpm and conserving gas.
  • Use cruise control to keep your speed in check on the highway (but don’t use it during wet weather or other slippery road conditions, since that puts you more at risk of losing control; better to keep manual control).
  • A little planning goes a long way: Consolidate errands into one trip. When possible, avoid rush hour to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams—a fuel devourer.
  • Remove unnecessary and heavy items from your car. The more your vehicle weighs, the more fuel it consumes.
  • Don’t buy expensive high-octane or “premium” gas unless your car needs it. AAA research has shown that premium fuel only provides extra benefit when the car manufacturer recommends or requires it.


AAA Members can also save by visiting and signing up for the Fuel Rewards® at Shell Program at participating Shell stations nationwide.

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