How a AAA Teen Membership Gives Peace of Mind

This mother worries less when her daughter is on the road, thanks to AAA’s teen membership.

Mom and teenage daughter standing beside a car. Brian Kelly

Concerned about your teen driver’s safety when you’re not around? Sonya Butler, a AAA Member since 2010, had that concern, so she got a AAA Teen Membership for her daughter. Here’s why.

Why did you get your daughter the AAA Teen Membership?

She locked herself out of the car on one of the coldest nights of the year. Her dad was able to get to her, but it made me realize there would be situations when we couldn’t be there. And the fact that it was a benefit made it all the more important to act.

So, having her own AAA Card is a big plus.

It is! She recently went with friends to the amusement park in Ohio. Knowing she can call AAA for help—even when she’s not the one driving—is great peace of mind.

And any little bit helps when there are teen drivers in the house, right?

Yes. Most of the time we’ll be together, but that won’t always be the case. You can’t protect them from everything.

Any other teen drivers in your future?

Our son is 15, and he’ll be taking driver training soon. I’ll definitely get him the teen membership—probably the day he gets his permit!

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