Vehicle Tire Expert

Our Car Care team members strive to make a customer’s day better and to give trusted repair advice. Our Car Care automotive experts have extensive knowledge about maintaining your vehicle and replacing your tires when necessary to help extend the life of your vehicle. When it comes to making a good tire purchase, our team has a few recommendations for AAA Members and Car Care Customers.

  1. Always buy the correct size and speed rating recommended for your car. Tires are made to fit all types of vehicles and some cars require a certain construction to maintain the handling characteristics of the vehicle. If you get a less expensive tire in the right size but wrong speed rating you will be increasing your braking distance and alter the handling characteristics of the car. The question to ask yourself is “How much is 5 feet of braking distance worth to you, or 10 feet?” The answer is obvious, get the right tire for your car.
  2. Always make sure you have the option for coverage for road hazards. This will protect your tire investment in case you incur any damage to any of your tires.
  3. When you get your new tires installed, always have the wheel alignment checked and corrected if out of specifications. If your alignment is out, it will wear your tires out prematurely and you will be buying tires again, sooner than you should. Remember to have your alignment checked/adjusted once a year or 12,000 to 15,000 miles to ensure long tire life.

AAA Car Care will always recommend a premium tire so that you get the right performance, long tire life, and the best wet-weather traction you can. Come into any AAA Car Care center and let our expert automotive technicians check your tire tread depths and make a professional recommendation for your safety and comfortable ride. If you prefer to choose your own tires, browse our online tire store and have them shipped directly to your local AAA Car Care Center for easy installation. Members will enjoy 10% off their online tire purchase!

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