R U Due? Come See Us for your NC Emissions & Safety Inspection

Official NC Inspection Station

To help cut down on air pollution, many states require vehicles to pass safety and emissions tests before they can be registered. Although it can seem like a nuisance to bring your car in for an inspection every year, AAA Car Care Centers make it easy. Your safety and the safety of others on the road is important to us.

Most North Carolina counties require both inspections upon registration renewal. New residents in North Carolina are not required to bring their vehicles in until it's time to renew their NC registrations. South Carolina does not need any safety or emission checks because the state meets all federal clean air standards. North Carolina also only requires vehicles that are the current year and two years prior to have a safety inspection only, Emissions (OBD2) is not required.

It’s important to have inspections done on time in North Carolina to avoid having your registration blocked. The examination consists of two parts: the safety inspection and the emissions inspection. During your safety inspection, you can expect the following things to be checked: Headlights and accessory lights, tire tread, exhaust system, rearview and side mirrors, horn, turn signals, foot brake and parking brake, windshield wipers, and steering mechanics.

Since your vehicle is required to pass an emissions inspection in North Carolina as well, the following components will be checked for functionality: Catalytic converter, exhaust gas recirculation, fuel evaporation control, oxygen sensor, gasoline tank cap, unleaded gas restrictor, and the onboard diagnostics system (OBD II).

Your vehicle could fail the inspections if one or more problems exist. Problems could include having the "Check engine" light illuminate during the emissions test, heavily worn or bald tires during the safety check, a broken headlight, or dark window tinting, which also costs more. If you notice any of these problems before inspection, you can avoid failing the tests by having your AAA technician fix any issues.

In North Carolina, you can renew your vehicle’s registration and have your annual inspection completed up to 90 days before your current registration expires and no later than 15 days after your registration expires. If you don’t renew your registration and have your vehicle inspected within that timeframe, you could be subject to fines and penalties.

If your car is due for an inspection, don’t wait. Bring it into an authorized inspection station like AAA Car Care. Here at AAA Car Care, we offer both safety and emissions inspections, along with a full range of automotive repair services. We have locations throughout the Carolinas, and each of our locations has an ASE-Certified Master Technician overseeing all repairs. Print your Car Care Coupons below for extra savings.

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