Family Activities at Home for Rainy and Snowy Days

Stuck inside? These indoor activities will keep your kids entertained all day.

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It’s chilly and windy outside. The rain is falling. Snow is in the forecast. Outdoor activities aren’t an option, and your kids are getting antsy.

Have no fear—we’ve got a long list of fun at-home activities to keep them entertained on a blustery winter’s day. And best of all, as a AAA Member, you can easily access hundreds of discounts on games, arts and crafts supplies, and more.

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What’s the name of the game?

Everyone joins in the fun activities at home when you bring out the games.

Board games

Classic board games like “Monopoly” and “Life” help build skills, such as math, problem-solving and understanding the value of money. Looking for strategic fun? Interested in adventure storylines? There’s no shortage of themes and objectives in these popular and highly ranked games.

Show your cards

Although playing cards first appeared in Europe in the 1300s, they were invented centuries earlier in China—and their appeal is long-standing. UNO is popular with all ages and can be played with several players. Older kids enjoy card games like speed solitaire, gin rummy, hearts and spades.

Puzzles for family night

Few games test your patience and teamwork like jigsaw puzzles. Start with easier ones, like those with 200 pieces, and work your way up to the more challenging 1,000-piece puzzles.

Interactive toys

For younger kids, use your AAA Discounts to purchase toys and games from top brands like Fat Brain Toys, Melissa & Doug, MindWare and Crayola so you always have stimulating playthings in the house.

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Have fun with arts and crafts.

Encourage your family to express themselves with different colors and mediums.


When you’re looking for snow day activities, creating a beautiful scrapbook or photo album should be high on the list. Fill the book or album with mementos and photos, and embellish the pages with stickers, colorful scraps of paper, glitter and bits of yarn.

Painting and drawing

Encourage self-expression by setting up your kids to paint and draw. Designate space (usually the kitchen table) and spread out newspaper to protect the surface. Bring out heavy-duty paper, paints, brushes and water, and watch your miniature Monets and Picassos blossom. Visit for a great list of printable mini activity books designed just for kids, some of which feature the beloved KeeKee the Cat.

And, you can also print out this sheet of global landmarks and encourage your kids to color them in.

You’ll find AAA Discounts at many arts and crafts suppliers, including Michaels and Blick Art Materials, at

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Curl up with a great book.

Give everyone their own quiet, well-lit nook, or designate an hour or two as family story time.


Everyone gets a great read with AAA Discounts from purveyors such as AbeBooks, BiggerBooks and Biblio.


Do some people at your home prefer to listen rather than read? AAA Members can also find discounted titles through and AudiobooksNow.

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Hold a family night bake-off.

Redefine what it means to have a food fest.

Have a cooking competition

Turn up the competitive heat by taking inspiration from popular cooking shows like Top Chef, MasterChef Junior and The Great British Baking Show. Use ingredients you have on hand to challenge your kids to a creative display of culinary skills.

Make cookies and treats

If your kids love to bake but don’t have competitive ambitions, dial up the delish with a tried-and-true cookie recipe. Find AAA Discounts on ingredients from Godiva, Ghirardelli and Hu Kitchen chocolates.

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