How to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

More than just “board up your windows.”


Hurricanes and tropical storms are deadly forces that can have catastrophic consequences. This guide will provide you with the helpful information about how to prepare you home and protect your family from a storm.

Board up windows — Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Cover them with plywood to prevent breaking, or install window shutters if there is time. (Watch this helpful instructional video from our savings partner Lowe’s to ensure you do this properly).

Board and blockade doors — You want to prevent your doors from flying open. Board it up with plywood or block the handle to prevent strong winds from taking it down.

Install seals for watertight door and window protection.

Check for loose siding on your home and secure it, if necessary.

Bring all “flyables” inside — Hurricane force winds can turn patio furniture and outside décor into dangerous projectiles. Bring all of that inside, as well as bikes, children’s toys, and anything else that isn’t secured to the ground.

Moor your boat, trailer, gear and supplies.

Move items that absolutely cannot get wet (electronics, family photos, collectibles, etc.) as high above the floor as possible.

If you need to evacuate, turn off all utilities and unplug every electrical item in the home. Water and electricity don’t mix, so anything left connected is a fire hazard.

Take a home inventory — Your personal belongings are also at risk in a storm, so it’s a good idea to document everything in case it gets damaged or destroyed. Having a home inventory documented with photographs or video will make filing a home insurance claim simpler and can expedite the claims process.

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