Plug and Play Your Way to a Smarter Home

Make your home work better and more efficiently with new smart technology.

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Meet the home of the future.

Today’s technology allows you to turn up your favorite tunes, lower the blinds, dim the lights and set the thermostat with a few taps on your smart device. And you don’t even need to be at home to make it all work.

These cutting-edge features are just a few of those showcased in the HGTV® Smart Home built in 2022. (AAA Insurance is proud to be an official sponsor.) The home, in Wilmington, North Carolina, was custom built with smart-living design elements such as a pet zone under the stairs, a package-drop area off the garage and a pantry near the kitchen. Additional smart technology in the HGTV home includes programmable window treatments, app-controlled message boards in the playroom and even smart toilets.

But while many of the HGTV house features were installed during construction, you don’t need to build a home from the foundation up to live smarter. You can increase the security and livability of your current home with smart plug-and-play devices and technologies.

Here are six smart home upgrades that could make your home more convenient and attractive to buyers: 

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