Take a Little “Me” Time With These 4 Self-Care Tips

Put “balance” at the top of your to-do list.

We do a lot. We work, we care for our families, we volunteer. The list goes on. So sometimes, we need to give our bodies and minds a break.

Setting aside time to regularly nurture yourself can do wonders: reduce stress, improve your self-esteem and even help manage your physical health. To help you relax and feel better about yourself in the year ahead, try out these four self-care tips:

1. Enjoy a solo-weekend renewal

self-care-tips-soloIllustrations: Bruno Mangyoku

When it comes to weekends, it’s easy to fill them with chores, family time and even catching up on work. But every now and again, your busy brain—and life—needs a reboot. Taking those two days to be alone and indulge your well-being is worth the investment.

Experts say that time alone can improve concentration, critical thinking and productivity. It can even enhance the quality of your relationships. Solitude helps you understand yourself better and, in turn, enables you to make better decisions about who you spend time with.

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2. Cook for yourself


Learning to cook or even just trying a new recipe can help boost your creativity and your confidence. Experts say that keeping your hands and mind busy keeps your brain active and healthy. Even chopping veggies can be relaxing and soothing, making this one of the easiest self-care tips to try out in the new year.

Another perk of cooking at home: consuming fewer calories and eating healthier foods.Put it into action: 

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3. Take a self-care staycation

If you can’t leave town this season, you can still relax and pamper yourself. Start by booking some “me time” on your calendar.

Next, think about what makes you happy and explore what your local area has to offer. Need a massage? Treat yourself to a spa day. Want to learn something new? Explore that new museum exhibit. Seeking social excitement? Try out a salsa dancing class. Need self-improvement? Try audio books.

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4. Make your home spalike

This is one of our favorite self-care tips: Bring the spa to you! Turn your home into a Zen zone with a few quick and easy tweaks. Start by engaging all your senses—that’s part of what makes spas feel so special. Set the mood at home with candles, a scented-oil diffuser, calming music, dim lighting and warm towels from the dryer.

Don’t forget to throw on your favorite cozy robe, too. And, a facial experience is easy to re-create with a DIY face mask.

Put it into action: Here’s a DIY moisturizing mask recipe to try: 1 cup of chamomile tea stirred with one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of nutritional yeast.

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