What to Do With Your Tax Refund?

What to Do With Your Tax Refund?

Here are six ways to put the “fun” in refund.

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While paying bills and lessening debt are popular ways to make the most of your money back from Uncle Sam, you may want to add a little fun. These options give you satisfaction and long-term benefit:

1. Travel with family

What to do with your tax refund: Think of travel as an investment in your family. Instead of earning money, you’re creating memories and lifelong bonds—currencies that are even more valuable.

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2. Fix up your home

What to do with your tax refund: Love where you live? Show it by putting your extra cash toward those home improvement projects you’ve been dreaming about. You’ll enjoy your home more, and you may even improve your property’s value.

How AAA can help: When you shop at popular stores online through the AAA Dollars Online Mall, you can improve your home and save money on your next annual membership renewal (or redeem your AAA Dollars on select AAA purchases). You’ll find stores like The Home Depot, True Value, Pier 1 Imports and Ashley Furniture.

3. Invest in self-care

What to do with your tax refund: With so many obligations—work, volunteering, families, chores—it’s easy to skimp on taking care of you. But research shows that setting aside time to nurture yourself is crucial to your overall well-being. It can reduce stress, improve your self-esteem and even help manage your physical health.

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4. Buy a car

What to do with your tax refund: Use it on a nice down payment, but beware: Refund season can also bring higher car prices. You may be better off postponing your purchase until summer or December, when dealers often are especially eager to make a deal.

How AAA can help: Members save money and get a better price when they find a new car through AAA Auto Buying. When you’re ready to finance, AAA Banking offers auto loans too.

5. Embrace your philanthropic spirit

What to do with your tax refund: Studies show that charitable acts provide a tremendous mental and physical health booster, as acts of kindness—big or small—can give you an instant surge of happiness.

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6. Have your refund make you even more

Did you know? 42% of AAA Members say they most often put their tax refund in the bank, according to a recent AAA Consumer Pulse survey.

What to do with your tax refund: Let your money make even more money. Not spending your refund now can result in added fun down the road.

How AAA can help: AAA Banking has plenty of ways to help you save and earn interest on your money, including high-yield savings and money market accounts as well as CDs.

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