Flying First Class: 3 Luxury Travel Ideas from AAA

A luxurious getaway is all about finding the right provider.

As your travel dreams turn into reality, you want experiences that open doors for you to people, cuisines and traditions across the globe. But with many ways to travel—and all of the options you’re given when planning—how do you know you’re getting the best of what you desire?

AAA partner The Travel Corporation offers a variety of luxury travel styles designed with discerning travelers in mind: the unrivaled amenities of a river cruise. The convenience of a guided tour. The excitement of an African safari.

These travel providers share a passion for generous hospitality that puts the guest experience at the heart of everything. With warm and caring service and thoughtful touches, they make sure your journey connects you with your destination through authentic and meaningful experiences. And when you combine their loyalty benefits with your AAA Member Benefits, you can be rewarded now and for years to come.

Ready to explore? Here are three ways to travel with AAA and The Travel Corporation.

Set sail with Uniworld Boutique River Cruises.

River cruising is the ultimate in luxury travel, combining all the conveniences of a traditional cruise with the benefits of inland travel. You unpack only once while visiting multiple destinations. But rather than being restricted to ocean liner ports and coastal towns, river cruise ships can dock right in the center of town—whether it’s a bustling city or a hidden-gem village—so you can step right off the ship and start exploring. And even while you’re on the ship, you’re always immersed in the local sights, with ever-changing views of the landscape right outside your window or balcony.

Reasons to sail with Uniworld

Each ship is like a floating boutique hotel—one where the staff is attentive to your every need. With only about 120 passengers per ship, on average, Uniworld ships have a crew-to-passenger ratio of 1 to 2.3.

  • Forget indoor cabins! Every room has a view, and many have either open-air or French balconies for taking in the scenery alfresco.
  • Onboard dining includes five-star farm-to-table cuisine that’s prepared fresh with ingredients sourced locally at every port.
  • Tour like a VIP: Uniworld’s local expert guides get you past the tourist lines for behind-the-scenes looks at favorite museums and other attractions.
  • For the younger crowd, or the young at heart, Uniworld offers U by Uniworld, a reimagined approach to river cruising with many of the same amenities, but geared toward active travelers.

Take a guided tour with Luxury Gold or Insight Vacations.

The beauty of a guided tour is that it gives you the ability to travel virtually worry-free. You have a knowledgeable travel director and a well-being director at your service, taking care of every detail—not to mention a driver, who easily gets you from destination to destination. You never have to worry about traffic or consult a map—just sit back and take in your amazing surroundings. Plus, all aspects of your tour are vetted and approved by local experts. And your travel director is ready to react if anything changes, so you have the freedom to simply enjoy your trip.

Reasons to travel with Luxury Gold and Insight Vacations

  • These two travel providers have a deep knowledge of the world’s iconic sights and experiences, so they can help you uncover the best of wherever you choose to go.
  • Vacation itineraries are crafted with the insights of locals. And with an extensive global network of contacts, Luxury Gold and Insight Vacations offer one-of-a-kind experiences, including the opportunity to interact with locals and even dine in their homes.
  • Many guided vacations also help give back to the places you visit, with community-led tourism experiences that directly support employment and preserve the local heritage.
  • Carefully planned activities give you the chance to visit popular sites—like Schonbrunn Palace in Austria or Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee—before or after hours, so you can enjoy an insider’s look without the crowds.
  • Luxury Gold provides smaller group tours that average just 28 guests, unique VIP experiences, exceptional dining (including Michelin star restaurants) and accommodations in luxury hotels.

Go on a safari with African Travel.

The wide-open spaces of Africa are in demand, and there is no better way to experience the continent than via a tailor-made safari. Spying lions lolling in the sun, watching a giraffe stretch its slender neck to nibble leaves, gazing in awe as zebras thunder across the plains—seeing such exotic creatures in their wild home can stir the soul. To navigate the best of East and South Africa, you need experts like AAA and African Travel who know how to create unforgettable safaris while taking care of every detail.

Reasons to explore with African Travel

  • Planning a safari can be overwhelming, and you need a safari expert who is solely focused on Africa. African Travel’s safari specialists have lived and traveled extensively in Africa and can arrange once-in-a-lifetime experiences unique to you.
  • Custom safaris come with the highest levels of service, with a dedicated concierge team in the United States as well as local hosts to assist with changes or arranging PCR testing. You can even have a personal private guide assist you.
  • Your dollar goes further in Africa, including positively impacting wildlife and communities. You will be guided to experiences that are ethically responsible, and every trip has a component that gives back.
  • There are also options to go solo, travel with friends and family, or enjoy extra savings while traveling in small groups on unique AAA Safari Vacations.

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