All Aboard THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride for Holiday Magic

All Aboard THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride for Holiday Magic

Train conductor and Santa Claus look at train with steam at their feet

Sure to rekindle the Christmas spirit in true believers, THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden offers a unique, three-part theatrical extravaganza of holiday magic.

Holiday caroling and the “Hot Chocolate” song and dance kick things off each evening, performed in our newly renovated (and heated) THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Pavilion. A ride to the North Pole aboard vintage coaches, pulled by an authentic, coal-fired steam locomotive is next. And finally, visiting with Santa tops off the experience!

The adventure begins in our newly renovated THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Pavilion. Here, you and your family and friends will gather around tables, sing Christmas carols, and watch a cabaret- style show as the “Hot Chocolate” song and dance takes place before your eyes. After the holiday music, nibble on a tasty cookie and sip your hot chocolate as the story of The Polar Express is dramatically reenacted onstage.

The experience continues as you step outside to witness the dramatic arrival of THE POLAR EXPRESS™ holiday train. This symphony of smoke and steam emerges from the darkness, and the conductor loudly asks if anyone would like to climb aboard the POLAR EXPRESS train ride. Soon, you’re on your way to ... the North Pole to see Santa Claus? Well, yes, of course! At this winter wonderland, you watch eagerly as the elves sing and dance and Santa gives out the First Gift of Christmas.

Once the train with its sleepy rail car passengers completes its round trip from the North Pole, you’ll have the opportunity to visit with Santa — and pick up your very own First Gift of Christmas, a silver bell! THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride remains an experience you won’t want to miss. The entire multipart holiday season show is updated each year to feature new scenes and twists. Santa’s north pole adventure is a must attend upcoming event for everyone!

For 2023, two ticketing levels will be offered: standard seating and first class. For standard seating, guests may purchase individual tickets based on the number of people in the party. First class seating is limited and available for purchase only in tables for four. You can also take advantage of discounted pricing on all performances prior to Thanksgiving!

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All Aboard THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride for Holiday Magic