Explore Illinois with Best Western

Stay in the Center of Dozens of Attractions at a Best Western Hotel.

Two large cave openings on a bluff along the Mississippi River in the Alton and Grafton Illinois area with overgrown weeds and trees partially covering entrances on a sunny day with blue skies. Photo courtesy of Best Western

When searching for a hotel for your next trip to Illinois, look no further than Best Western. Whether you’re attending a business trip in the bustling city, or seeking a getaway in a quaint town, there is no hotel chain more equipped and accommodating.

Illinois is home to 57 Best Western hotels sprinkled throughout the state. Cities like Chicago and Springfield, as well as the stunning views of Lake Michigan, make The Prairie State a popular destination for weekend getaways. Staying at a Best Western hotel puts you in the center of hundreds of attractions. 

Best Western hotels and resorts offer an exceptional value. In the mid-scale range of pricing, these hotels provide high quality service and furnishings that you may expect from more upscale venues, but at an affordable price point. 

The hoteliers behind the brand share their vision to “Inspire travel through unique experiences,” and they spread that message through their Illinois locations, along with hundreds of other locations across the country. A stay in Illinois can only be improved by selecting a Best Western hotel.

Known as The Windy City, Chicago is a hotbed of activity, and a major tourist attraction. Home to plenty of landmarks and historical sites, along with some of the country’s finest restaurants and shopping experiences, this city is the perfect getaway for history buffs, foodies, and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Springfield is another popular destination as the state capital of Illinois. Home to the Washington Park Botanical Garden, the Lincoln Home National Historic site, and the Illinois State Museum, this city is filled with rich history of both the state and the country. Springfield is also near other classic Midwest cities like Macomb and Danville.

Illinois also the perfect family-friendly vacation spot. Home to a plethora of museumsscuba diving destinations, beaches, and parks, the state is also home to the Legoland Discovery Center. Visit the Scovill Zoo for an up-close look at some of nature’s most interesting wildlife, or head to the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum for a day of exciting education.

Littered with incredible attractions, delicious restaurants, history-filled museums, and excellent shopping, Illinois is a top-notch location for a quick getaway or long weekend trip. Spend your days exploring all the state has to offer before returning to your Best Western hotel where you will be met with superb service, comfortable accommodations, and a hassle-free stay. 

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