See Mackinac’s Spring Splendor

A Spring Vacation Destination in Mackinac Island.

A horse-drawn carriage passes blooming lilac stems on the road below Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel on a sunny spring day. Photo courtesy of Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau


While summer on Michigan’s magical Mackinac Island is most popular for visitors, you might find that you like springtime even more. 

That’s when Mary and Bob Hammerstein most enjoy the Crown Jewel of the Great Lakes. They started visiting Mackinac Island in the spring years ago and got hooked by the charming tranquility of the season.

“We started coming in the spring basically because hotels are cheaper, and we love it,” Mary said. “It’s just quieter in the spring. You don’t get the crowds.”

In addition to lower prices and smaller crowds, the feeling of rebirth that happens across the Midwest each spring is especially intense on Mackinac Island. Businesses reopen. Workers come back. Wildflowers bloom. Mackinac Island’s iconic horses return, too! 

“You get to feel the homeyness of the island because we’re getting all our people back from all over the world,” island resident Chad Bennett said. “Spring on Mackinac Island is perfect to come up with your better half and get away for a weekend or even a week.”

Here are some tips to make the most of your spring visit to Mackinac Island:

·      Many hotels and B&Bs offer spring specials that stretch your dollar. Visit

·      Time your visit around a special spring event such as the Fort2Fort 5 Mile Challenge on May 13, Mother’s Day on May 14 or the 75th annual Mackinac Island Lilac Festival from June 9-18. Visit

·      Some attractions are slower to emerge from winter’s hibernation than others. Visit for 2023 opening dates.

·      Spring weather on Mackinac Island can vary widely. “It’s Michigan, so you have to make sure to pack for every bit of weather we might get,” Bennett said. Visit

When they visit each spring, Mary and Bob Hammerstein go for a bike ride around the island and catch a sunrise or two. They explore the wooded paths through Mackinac Island State Park, admire the gorgeous Victorian homes and cottages on the bluffs and, of course, visit a few shops and restaurants.

They also relax on the porch of their historic hotel and watch people, boats, bicycles and carriages go by.

“We pretty much do the same things every year and never grow tired of it,” Mary said.

Plan a trip and see for yourself what makes spring on Mackinac Island so special!

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