Small-Group Journeys Make a Big Difference

Alexander+Roberts offers exceptional experiences worldwide.

Picturing your next vacation? Maybe you’re thinking of going big—planning a truly grand, epic travel adventure. Really, though, maybe you can get the biggest bang and most fulfilling experience from your journey by going small.

AAA Travel partner Alexander+Roberts has offered exceptional small-group journeys to members for 25 years. Now celebrating its 75th anniversary, the company proudly offers exclusive journeys around the world, from African safaris to small-ship cruises.

These may be the adventures you’ve been waiting for.

Journey with never more than 16 guests

When you choose Alexander+Roberts, tours are limited to just 16 guests. “You can hang your hat on that,” says CEO Robert Drumm. Traveling in such small numbers, Drumm says, means intimacy and camaraderie, and bonds can develop naturally—a bonus for someone traveling alone or for the traveler just looking for a chance to be social.

It also means you’ll enjoy unique hotels and local restaurants too intimate to accommodate larger groups. In out-of-the-way Clyde, New Zealand, for example, guests stay in a small six-room boutique hotel converted by its owners from a 19th-century warehouse.

Plus, “never more than 16 guests” provides deeper, more rewarding experiences with our professional guides, who hail from the lands you’ll explore.


Local guides, inside knowledge

Imagine touring in Iceland, and your guide invites you to visit their small-town home to dine with their friends and family. This is a distinctive feature of traveling with Alexander+Roberts. “With our guides, you get the opportunity to see and do things so many other travelers often miss,” Drumm says.

“They have the best guides I’ve ever traveled with,” says Christopher Wommer, a product manager with AAA. “And that’s why I continue to go with Alexander+Roberts. My first trip with them was to Brazil. We had a local guide who really knew Rio, and he showed us another side of the city—not just the Copacabana, but also the city’s favelas.”


Exceptional experiences of every kind

“We’ve always been a pioneer and innovator,” Drumm says. Alexander+Roberts operated journeys to India in the 1960s and the first charters to Kenya and Tanzania in the 1970s. Today, A+R offers journeys on all seven continents.

Here are just a few examples:

  • In Egypt, experience going “Between the Paws” of the Great Sphinx.
  • Go truffle hunting in Croatia.
  • Make your own raw silk blanket in China.
  • Explore centuries-old tunnels and trenches in Ethiopia.
  • Float along Egypt’s Nile River aboard Oberoi’s small ships.
  • Indulge in culinary experiences, such as market tours and classes, in nearly every destination.

Besides top-notch guides and accommodations, Alexander+Roberts’ VIP airport arrival services smooth the start of all its journeys.

If cultural encounters and comprehensive touring strike the right note of adventure, Alexander+Roberts may be the outfitter you’ve been looking for.


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