5 Spring Break Spots for Movie Buffs

Turn your vacation into an immersive cinematic experience when you travel to these spring break locations where famous movie scenes were filmed.

Spring break brings thoughts of warm sand, beach bars and carefree fun—usually being had by college kids. For grown-ups and those who love movies, your vacation can also be a chance to live out your big-screen dreams.

Here are five spring break destinations that may look a bit familiar to movie buffs.

Beautiful Condado Beach, San Juan Puerto Rico seen at night with bay, buildings and lights iStock

San Juan, Puerto Rico—22 Jump Street (2014)

Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful shores, cultural contributions to dance and music, and delicious food. But if you’re a fan of the movie 22 Jump Street (sequel to the movie 21 Jump Street, which was based on the TV series of the same name), the city of San Juan can offer more than an exciting night on the town. 

Set in the fictional Puerto Mexico, the action-comedy follows two undercover cops as they attempt to bust illegal spring break activity. The film—starring Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube—features tourist favorites throughout Condado and the surrounding neighborhood. To really absorb the movie’s vibes, you can take a shot at the infamous Senor Frog’s (going by a different name in the film), opt to stay at the AAA Three Diamond Caribe Hilton hotel (where part of the Lamborghini scene was filmed), or spend the day at the nearby beach. 

The island’s white sands and Spanish Colonial buildings have also been the backdrop for films like AmistadBad Boys IIDirty Dancing: Havana Nights and Fast Five, making San Juan a hidden treasure for film buffs.

Pedestrian walkway in Lummus Park in Miami Beach, USA iStock

Miami—Reno 911! Miami (2007)

Few knew what to expect when the Reno 911! franchise took its cast of misfits to Miami Beach. When the Reno cops head south for a national police convention, they find themselves at the center of a terrorist threat and must save the day. As the squad bumbles its way through the case and the city, you may recognize a few Miami landmarks in the background.

This list includes Lummus Park, a popular Miami Beach site and the location for some of the movie’s most amusing scenes. The park’s trail and sands are excellent for skating, biking, working out and sunbathing.

Eiffel tower, view from Trocadero park over fountain. People making their evening promenade around fountain. Eiffel tower is famous symbol of Paris city and France. Sunset scenery, epic dramatic sky. iStock

Paris—Passport to Paris (1999)

Escape the crowded beaches and rowdy high school and college spring breakers for a trip to Paris. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were already a phenomenon, and after the opening of Passport to Paris, every little girl wanted to be them. Now you can.

Travel with a few close friends and family and recreate memorable movie scenes. Grab baguettes and have a “sword fight” on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower, and then head to the Louvre Museum to see some of the world’s most famous works of art.

The twins’ grandfather, played by Peter White, was also the U.S. ambassador to France, and Alverno Heights Academy acts as the U.S. Embassy in the movie. The school’s on-campus film site, Villa del Sol d’Oro, has been transformed many times for flicks such as Legally Blonde, The Princess Diaries and November Rain. The design and appearance of the large iron gates, particularly, may not be recognizable during your visit.

The coastline along South Florida in the Fort Lauderdale area shot from an altitude of about 800 feet. iStock

Fort Lauderdale, Florida—Where the Boys Are (1960)

Before the explosion of the romantic comedy Where the Boys Are, the cozy beach town of Fort Lauderdale had just started to attract spring break revelers. But then this movie hit the silver screen—the story of four female students traveling to South Florida for spring break. Featuring stars George Hamilton and Connie Francis, the film sealed Broward County’s popularity as a spring break hot spot. 

The city has changed significantly over the last six decades, transforming from a spring break haven to a cultural cove—attracting an older, more settled crowd. But there are still a few places you can visit to relive the mayhem of that epic 1960 spring break. 

Grab lunch at the Elbo Room at A1A and Las Olas Boulevard, and take a photo out front with the famous sign in the background. If you always wanted to get a drink and jump in the tank with a mermaid at the movie’s fictional Tropical Isle bar, you can catch an evening mermaid show at the historic Wreck Bar at the AAA Three Diamond B Ocean Resort, where the beachside lounge offers front-row seats to the underwater tank. 

Coquihalla River in Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park at the town of Hope in the beautiful wilderness landscape of the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia, Canada. iStock

Vancouver, British Columbia—Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Cabin in the Woods depicts five friends’ supernatural encounters with monsters while on a trip to a remote cabin.

While most of the film was shot on a movie set, Vancouver and the nearby woods provided the setting for the off-set shots. The British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Aerospace Technology Campus served as the location of the movie’s secret underground laboratory. You may also remember the campus from Rise of the Planet of the ApesX-Files and Fringe

A popular Vancouver-area attraction, Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, is located a little less than two hours outside the city. The vast, remote park served as the actual woods depicted in the film and was the location for other horror and supernatural flicks, such as Twilight and First Blood.

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