Keep Your Furry Friends Happy With These Tips for Traveling With Pets

Use this healthy advice to prepare pets for life after COVID-19 quarantining.


Our tiniest and furriest family members have gotten used to having us around. By now, your pets may be really ready for more alone time as you leave the home more often. Others will simply want to go with you on an R-I-D-E.

Whether you’re traveling with your pets, looking to maintain your healthy lifestyle at home, or returning to your out-of-the-house schedule, here are tips to prepare pets and make the most of your time with them as COVID-19 brings more changes.

Hitting the road with your furry co-pilot(s)

Road trips are a bit different now for both you and your pets. Monitoring your collective health comes with a few extra steps. Here is advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Don’t let your pet interact with other pets or people from outside your household. This includes at your destination and stops along the way.
  • Walk dogs on a leash, staying at least 6 feet from other people and animals. (It’s still best to avoid dog parks and big public places.)
  • As always, wash your hands after handling pets, their food, waste or supplies.

AAA makes it easy to find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, campgrounds and more.

Search Pet-Friendly Places

When driving with pets, AAA recommends that you restrain them in the back seat to avoid distractions (for you) and add protection (for them) in the event of a collision. Here is our quiz with more tips about traveling with pets in your car.

Also, research your destination in terms of bringing a pet. If you plan to visit a park, for example, make sure your pet is permitted to come with you.


Maintaining a fuller life at home

For some of us, returning to the office isn’t a reality yet—which means more time at home with your pets!

You’ve probably got a pretty good groove going when it comes to your pets’ health and safety, but there are plenty of good habits to form while staying at home with your besties. For your dogs, walks are a must, so keep applying social distancing practices (leash use and the 6-foot rule) on those lovely jaunts with Fido. As for your feline friends, find new ways to play with them at home, including improvising new toys out of boxes, socks, yarn, etc. (Isn’t it typical that they like those better than the toys you buy anyway?)

Whether you’re looking for supplies to create a new pet-friendly game or simply want something more ready-made, your AAA Membership can help you save. Here is a sortable list of pet-related discounts.


Preparing to return to work (if you must!)

As more businesses open to their employees, you may be headed back to the workplace. This change may come as a shock to your furry family, but there are ways to prepare pets and maintain the more-constant love they’ve gotten used to:

  • Stick to the same schedule of mealtime and playtime (before or after work hours).
  • Continue to spend time outside with your pet, like a solo walk or backyard hangout.
  • Create activities that foster positive reactions from your pets, like hiding treats throughout the house (the most delicious scavenger hunt!).

Whatever you can do to keep your pets’ spirits up, no matter how small, is worth it. You may find that this time has brought you together even more as a big, happy fur-mily.

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